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How To Measure Your Jacket Size

On our size chart, you can easily measure your body, choose the right size and place your order. The sizing charts are always attached to the product pages, where you can also find additional information on the specific product.

If you want to buy a jacket for yourself or someone you dearly love but can't figure out the right size? We've got you covered!

Please see this size measure tutorial so you can buy a jacket that flatters your appearance.

The first step to finding the correct jacket is measuring your chest. Measure under your arms at the widest part of your chest. The tape should be snug, but not too tight so that it compresses your chest. If you want a loose-fitting jacket, go for +1 size.

FJackets Men-Size-Chart-US
FJackets Women-Size-Chart-US

How To Measure Suit Size

Fit is a significant factor in choosing a coat. For this reason, we provide both chest and waist measurements on our size chart. The chest measurement should correspond to your body's broadest point, while the waist measurements should correspond to your natural waist. We also have made to measure option if you need a custom fit.


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